To the Single Mom, on Father’s Day

As you scroll social media you see the smiles, the praises and the love that your friends and family have for the men that fill a number of father roles. If you are like me, you see these posts and are grateful for those relationships for others in your life, but there is a little more heartbreak with each pasting post. The hard truth of our reality is a little bit more apparent on days like today. We don’t have that “father” to celebrate with our children, we don’t have all the pictures with smiles and memories, but in truth we have SO MUCH MORE.

We have children that are better because of the choices we made to break cycles, provide a better environment and a different life for the miracles that God gave us. We have the luxury of being the “one” they run to, when they need reassurance, a hug and even an argument. We have pride, for making their lives better because of the choices we made. That my single momma friends is worth just as much as the smiling pictures and memories. 
Today may you be reminded that although your life may not look like you wanted it to, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are worthy of that kind of love, worthy of the credit that this day brings and worthy of holding your head high for the difference you are making in the lives of your children. So today, pat yourself on the back, take a smiling photo with those little ones, make the memories, because you my dear momma, have the power to rewrite the ending to this Father’s Day… and every other that follows. Be YOU, be FIERCE, be UNSTOPPABLE and most of all… KEEP being an AMAZING MOM!!

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