Welcome to The Anchor

Hello friends! Anyone know how in the world it is already August? 2021 is flying by.. in a big way! If you know me or not, you should know this... I AM A GOAL DIGGER!! Yes, not a gold digger.. but a GOAL digger! I love the beginning of the new year.. new chapter, new opportunities, and writing down ALL. THE. THINGS. I want to accomplish in this new chapter! This year I wanted to get back to writing, sharing and really inspiring. After all, that is what B619 is all about for me! Inspiring and empowering women to rise up, overcome the challenges and pain and living the best life possible.. while feeling amazing in your skin and of course your B619 attire 😉! So here I am .. starting in AUGUST, but the point is.. I am starting!! So.. Welcome to The Anchor.. it seemed fitting as a name considering that B619 got its name from Hebrews 6:19! God is and has always been my anchor in every storm and I would not be breathing, literally today without him!! My goal for this blog is to share. NOW... I don't use the word share lightly.. I mean real life, raw, struggles, successes.. life sharing. I have no doubt in my mind that my purpose in this life is to help other rise by sharing my story and helping others overcome what God has brought me through. So as I get back to writing I hope that along the way, my words, my tears, my rough days.. help you rise and get through your rough days!! For today, may these words help you deal with whatever is heavy on your heart.
"experience taught her. hurt raised her. yet, neither defined her."
Find the blessings in today, no matter what!
xo ~Lacey

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